Diesel Near Me – Nearest Diesel Fuel Station

The consumers of Diesel Fuel need not rush here and there to find out the diesel near me . They can comfortably find out the nearest diesel fuel station from Google Map. During the distillation process crude oil is transformed into different types of fuels and other petroleum products.

Diesel Near Me - Diesel Stations

Diesel Near Me – Diesel Stations

The diesel fuel is one among these fuels. Though diesel fuel was cheaper to gasoline in the past, the price of diesel fuel has gone up recently for various reasons.

Diesel fuel pollutes environment by emitting nitrogen compounds while burning. However, when compared to gasoline, diesel fuel emits lower quantities of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons. Diesel Fuel can be used in the furnace also without any problem.

Diesel Fuel is used in the diesel engines of a variety of vehicles like buses, cars, small trucks, construction vehicles, farm vehicles, goods trucks, boats and trains. Diesel fuel is also used in the diesel engines that generate electricity.

Diesel generators are installed at hospitals, industrial units, large buildings and institutions for emergency power supply. Diesel fuel is a distillate type fuel and from 42 gallon of crude oil 13 gallon of diesel fuel is produced.

Prior to year 2015, diesel fuel was containing considerable quantity of sulfur and as a result air pollution was more. Now, the diesel fuel sold in the US has sulfur content not more than 15 parts per million.

Diesel Fuel Advantages – Diesel Near Me

As a result of the application of advanced technology in designing and manufacturing of diesel, diesel is now almost equal to gasoline. In cold weather also diesel starts as easily as gasoline and now diesel engines are also quiet.

The only disadvantage is that diesel fuel is not available at many fuel stations. Diesel engines are 25% more fuel efficient when compared to gasoline engines of the same size. But, diesel fuel is 20% more expensive than gasoline.

On the highways, diesel is more efficient than gas. Diesel fuel requires less refining and when compared to gasoline it is heavier, thicker and oiler. Evaporation time of diesel fuel is more and also diesel fuel can be compressed more.

When compared to gasoline diesel provides more energy. One litre of diesel fuel contains 38.6 Mega Joules whereas one litre of gasoline has 34.8 Mega Joules of energy. As a result, to obtain the same amount of power we need 25% lesser diesel when compared to gasoline.

Diesel engine develops higher torque and as a result it can save fuel. The compression ratio of diesel engine is 1.5 times more than that of gasoline engine and as a result diesel engine gives more mileage. Hence diesel fuel is considerably more efficient than gasoline.

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